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A Small but Fair Rant

So I don’t have as many followers as some people who have only had their blog for 1 years, I may not say the perfect things and have an interesting life to talk about, I may not be that funny, I may not want to follow all blogs back because I wouldn’t be able to read the bloggers I want to read, I may not post everyday and know what to post, I may not reply to comments in a day.

But I love my blog. My blog is where I can be me, people don’t give me a label. I don’t have to be that confident one or the shy one in the background or the one that dances with six year olds in the fountains *doesn’t sound as weird as you think, don’t judge me* I don’t have to look perfect and have to dress up for the occasion.

Most times, I’m writing in my Bambi pjs. Look, I don’t care if you unfollow my blog now or that you hate my posts, I don’t give a crap. Also, I’m not going to promote you in my blog!! I only ‘promote’ people when I think they deserve promotion.

But thank you for the people who read my posts and actually bother to comment on them, You are the best. But look guys don’t give me a label in the offline or in the online world. I’m me and I’m not ‘hipster’ or ‘cool.’ I’m not trying to be and I’m me. Guys but seriously, why do you even read my posts?! I don’t get it. But thank you and I love every single one of you!

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